Lori Eason was a PhD student in health and crisis communications who passed away before she could get her PhD. The top student paper prize at AEj_award2JMC’s ComSHER (communicating science, health, environment, and risk) division is named after her.

I had the honor of receiving this award for my research paper “On Pins and Needles: The Portrayal of Vaccines on Pinterest” during the AEJMC co
nference a few weeks ago. Lori, I hope I will make your memory proud.

Fast changes

The Nonprofit Learning Point class I took a few days ago was intense and fascinating.  Perhaps the part I enjoyed the most is that, in spite of my fairly regular focus on social media from both a nonprofit practitioner’s perspective and an academic perspective, new tools appear to often that I discovered several I had 349265-zeennever heard of. Amo
ng them: vizify (which creates an infographic-based bio based on your social media activity and posts) and Zeen (which creates an online magazine based on topics and interests you specify). Both are easy to use and it seems one can produce at least some content within a limited timeframe – so in the midst of class readings and tomorrow’s AEJMC conference I will be using both services when I have a few minutes to take a break.
And last but not least, a big thank you to Sarah Milston of The Spark Mill for introducing me to these tools!

An external class

My PhD classes don’t start for another 16 days, but tomorrow I am taking a class not directly related to my studies, although it’s very related to my nonprofit work. It’s a one-day advanced social media class by the gifted Sarah Milston of The Spark Mill and it’s part of a program for nonprofit leader by Nonprofit Learning Point. One of the things I am trying to put into place before the craziness of the semester starts is a stronger social media strategy for Arts in the Alley, and this class will
be a nice reminder to get this done – and will help in getting it done. I have taken many classes with Nonprofit Learning Point before (and I just started to teach their basic social media class, which I am loving), and starting those classes 542085_446278655424867_1130818463_n1was one of my early forays back into the land of education. Those classes – intensive, two-day classes – made me realize how much learning energizes me – and in some way, I needed to know that before I started thinking about a doctoral degree. The other, fun, side of all this is that I work on social media from two different directions – the practical, needing-it-for-my-nonprofit side, and the academic, let’s-research-how-and-why-this-actually-works side. So: I’m off to class tomorrow, and I’ll blog about it when I get back.