And so it begins…

The first day consisted of a two-hour orientation with our cohort of five incoming MATXstudents and a lovely reception with much of the MATX community: faculty, staff, students that are ahead of us, a number of professors affiliated with the program, and the new director for the VCU School of Mass Communications, Dr. Hong Cheng, who is from Beijing (so he and I connected over stories of our Arts in the Alley trip to China) and who is very gracious and kind.

ffadf840093a11e3962522000ae80eca_7The orientation was helpful – a good overview of the program and of the important steps we need to be focusing on during the next two years (besides doing well in our classes and finding the best electives for our specific research focuses): finding a good dissertation advisor (check: I have a wonderful one – one I already have worked with), finding four other faculty members who will serve on our committee (I have a few people in mind, but nothing definitive), deciding on a competency and how that will be measured (an extra skill that will help us in our research and further endeavors), our bibliography exam, and our prospectus development and defense. After all that (and, again, after at least 36 credits of classes and independent study semesters) we will all hopefully gain those three coveted letters. No, not those (PhD). These: ABD. All But Dissertation. When you officially become a PhD Candidate. It seems very far away now.

For today, my last first day of school picture in a new program – perhaps ever.

First day of school

How many times have I done this, in some way, shape, or form? Even if I just count the first days at a new school: kindergarten; elementary school in Vught; elementary school in Klimmen when we moved halfway through first grade (Ummer Clumme); Junior high/High school, which is one entity in the Netherlands (Bernardinuscollege); Maastricht University for my bachelor’s and master’s; and most recently George Washington University for my master’s in Strategic Public Relations (but that was primarily online, so the whole “first day” dynamic was decidedly different).

Tomorrow will likely be the last first day of a new school I will ever experience – not because it’s the last year (I have at least 3-4 years ahead of me), but because generally, after a PhD, you don’t go after another degree. A post-doctoral fellowship, yes. Teaching. Getting a certificate, here or there. But another entire program? Not unless you decide to go in an entirely new academic direction.

So: tomorrow. My first day as a VCU student. My first day as a doctoral student. At the end of this road: hopefully a PhD. A Doctor of Philosophy in Media, Art, and Text. I’m a bit terrified. A lot excited. I’m wishing I took more of a break this summer (I did not take one, at all. Sigh.) But ready or not…. here we go.back_to_school_banner