Lori Eason was a PhD student in health and crisis communications who passed away before she could get her PhD. The top student paper prize at AEj_award2JMC’s ComSHER (communicating science, health, environment, and risk) division is named after her.

I had the honor of receiving this award for my research paper “On Pins and Needles: The Portrayal of Vaccines on Pinterest” during the AEJMC co
nference a few weeks ago. Lori, I hope I will make your memory proud.

Back at AEJMC!

A year after my first academic conference. A year after the start of my PhD montrealwelcomeprogram. Back at the same conference (AEJMC), this time presenting three papers (one of them based on my own research and written entirely by me – and winning the top student paper in that division! WOOT!). And I am getting ready for another first day of school – because I am switching PhD programs:). Some of my classes
will transfer, and I will stay actively involved in the health communications research field, but still: it’s a new program. So: presenting twice today, attending an awards luncheon, and attending a board meeting. Here we go.