AcWriMo time!

For the past few years I had heard rumblings about a national novel writing effort called NaNoWriMo (writing 50,000 words, or a large part of a novel, in a month), but to my delight I discovered that an academic version now exists: AcWriMo! During the month of November, courtesy of the wonderful folks at PhD2Publishedacwrimo1-01, academics worldwide will be setting daily writing goals, and encouraging each other as everyone works to meet these goals. I’m jumping in:). My goal is to write 25,000-ish words this month. That’s a lot, for me. I have to write a book chapter and five papers (oh, and I will be out of country celebrating my mom’s birthday on a cruise with our entire family. yeah, *that* will be productive, writing-wise….). Bu regardless of whether I will make that goal or not, I will write. Every day. Because this whole writing thing has to become a discipline. So here we go, #AcWriMo!