I had every good intention to blog at least weekly. And then I encountered copious readings in fields unfamiliar to me. Papers and presentations and more pap71jnylxcthl-_sl1300_ers. But I am still here. I am loving the program, I’m just a little…. busy. Today I am submitting a paper on the use of text in community murals. Next week I have a midterm on social and behavioral health theories (TTM, TRA, EPPM, or HBM, anyone?), and an in class presentation on an article by Paul Duguid. In the midst of all that, I handle soci
al media for the program, and am working on instagram research with my future dissertation director. And I run a nonprofit (one that has three major projects in the next month, and just ran a major fundraiser, too). Sleep has been…. a bit more optional:).

In the midst of all this, you learn to appreciate the little things – and for me, those little things were these amazing highlighters. I remember them from Europe: they last so much longer than your average Sharpie or Staples highlighter, the colors are brighter, and: they don’t bleed through. My life is a little happier with these beauties back in it!