I love reading

I love reading. I always have. My mom has classic stories of me, hiding under my sheets and blankets after lights were supposed to be out and reading as many more pages as I could get away with, and one story in particular: my parents took me to the US on vacation (from the Netherlands) when I was 13, and a348511a07c611e3ab5722000aa821d3_7I packed my own carry on bag. The thing is, I packed it so full of books (16 – one for every day plus two extra for long days) that the bag ripped at the airport and
my parents, understandably upset, had to buy a new bag for me.

So: I love reading, and always have. Good thing, because I’m told that this PhD journey involves, well, a fair bit of it (if “a fair bit” is more-than-you-ever-thought-humanly-possible-and-then-some). Facing the Rocky Mountains (or the Swiss Alps, if you’re so inclined) of reading assignments for the next two-plus years, I want to make sure that occasionally I read something for pleasure alone or for professional (in my case: Arts in the Alley) development. Here’s the first one: Digital Storytelling – Capturing Lives, Creating Community.

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