Fast changes

The Nonprofit Learning Point class I took a few days ago was intense and fascinating.  Perhaps the part I enjoyed the most is that, in spite of my fairly regular focus on social media from both a nonprofit practitioner’s perspective and an academic perspective, new tools appear to often that I discovered several I had 349265-zeennever heard of. Amo
ng them: vizify (which creates an infographic-based bio based on your social media activity and posts) and Zeen (which creates an online magazine based on topics and interests you specify). Both are easy to use and it seems one can produce at least some content within a limited timeframe – so in the midst of class readings and tomorrow’s AEJMC conference I will be using both services when I have a few minutes to take a break.
And last but not least, a big thank you to Sarah Milston of The Spark Mill for introducing me to these tools!

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